Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ashley may sell... if the price is right

Mike Ashley - owner of Newcastle United - has announced that although he is not putting the club up for sale, he will listen to offers. So if someone was to bid for the club at a good enough price, Ashley could accept the offer. Mike Ashley has tried to sell Newcastle a few times, without success and after the last failure he made it clear he was committed to the club and was willing to dip into his massive fortune. To be fair to him, he has put in a lot of money to Newcastle, first clearing off the debts and then developing the club which included buying new players at higher prices and to not sell star players like in the past.

Some may argue he is abandoning a 
sinking ship, with Newcastle very close to relegation last season but it's clear Newcastle are trying to rebuild their squad and that will only be fully achieved by having a fully committed owner so maybe Ashley should either stay and not sell or leave? What do you think? He has just added to controversy at Newcastle though with the Joe Kinnear situation! Maybe a new change at Newcastle would help the club move forward to a better and more successful future?

The Sports Direct owner has tried to incorporate his company into the club, with even going as far as renaming the stadium the Sports Direct Arena. The club has since changed the name back to St James' Park, which may have been new sponsor Wonga's move or Ashley preparing to leave which may be linked to the recent controversy, bringing in Joe Kinnear. Mike Ashley is most certainly not a favourite among fans so I doubt there will be many complaints if he leaves.

What do you think of Mike Ashley's actions? Comment below.

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