Thursday, 20 June 2013

Match Memories - Guest Post

This is my first post but be warned there may be more to come!

Tom, my son, asked me to write something football orientated. To be honest I would have preferred to write about a subject about which I have a bit more knowledge. Like cricket, golf or motor sport. However, here goes.

I thought I would write about some matches that stand out in my, fading, memory. Watching not playing. So for this piece I've chosen a couple of matches I attended as a boy.

I was just ten years old when my late Uncle Chris took me to Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield Wednesday, to see one of the quarter finals of the 1966 World Cup. The date was 23 July 1966 and the match was between West Germany and Uruguay. West Germany, including players like Beckenbauer and Seeler, won 4-0. I have a recollection of some strong tackling by the Uruguay team which must be why they only had nine players by the end. They were only 1-0 down when the second player was sent off. I also recall the West Germany players making the most of every opportunity to writhe around, apparently in agony. 

As you will know West Germany advanced to the final where our team, captained by the late Bobby Moore, completed a famous victory. You will also know that is the last time England won a major tournament or even reached the final. Unfortunately, I can't see us winning another one in my lifetime. For various reasons we're just not good enough.

The second match was also at Hillsborough and, again I have my Uncle Chris to thank for being there. The date this time was Saturday 31 August 1968. It was a League Division One, as it was known as then, match between Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester United. Manchester United, the team that only three months earlier had won the European Cup by beating Benfica 4-1. Best, and he was the best, Charlton and Law to name but three of that team.

If I remember correctly Sheffield Wednesday then played in blue shirts with white sleeves and, of course, Manchester United were in red. I remember a big crowd, about 50,000, and a fantastic atmosphere. The match itself was incredible with Sheffield Wednesday winning 5-4. Four of Sheffield Wednesday's goals were scored by a forward called Jack Whitham, a player who was later transferred to Liverpool for £57,000. Manchester United's goals were scored by the three aforementioned  players. Definitely, one of the best matches I've seen.

So that's it for this time. 

Not too long to wait for the new season!

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